Monday 18 March 2013


*Rework, Remake, ReNEW YOU*$25/hr <~From experience it is not about a complete make over that is required in this Triple R plan. It can make a real difference for you. This is a crash course to CREATIVE RRReNEW YOU! Using Holistic Esthetics and including Make your own customised Skin care 1-0-1 you gain long term value for a short term investment. Please email for list of options and time availability as each topic takes on hour of time and there are a few different ones to look at. To view some of the skin care creations you can choose from scroll down to the different products we have to choose from that you wish to learn how to make :)

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Thursday 8 March 2012

Lozen Lotus Love 
is the Umbrella that creator 
AySes Dunya
has chosen to harness the full potential of all the services
and products which is available to you 
from her home based WELLNESS WORKSHOP,
a private and exclusive Holistic Aesthetic spa
not open to the public. By Appointment only!
The Flyer below shows what she was doing last summer.
the same services are available again this year. <more on services available
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Below this post is the beginning of the ORGANICxNOTIONZ product line & prices!

Thursday 1 March 2012


We are proud to announce the launching of this private 
Skin Care line.
ORGANICxNOTIONS is a line created 

and is a new part of her focus getting it as ORGANIC as possible to help  your SKIN CARE needs.
Being a private producers of these items means a quality of service and dedication to each client. From beginning to end with grace and clarity the aim is to your betterment.
As it has become increasingly common in this day and age that there is a great deal of skin ailments and issues. Since you skin is your largest organ that is the most exposed to the elements AySes carefully combined only the best ORGANIC ingredients she can find to help heal, nourish, support, maintain, and protect your skin EVERYDAY WEAR.

Each price is now LINKED to a PAYPAL page for easier purchasing.
any questions? let's talk about shipping, of course dependant on location,

The products to choose from are;
*FACIAL TREATZ PLUS ~a multicare everday wear cream~

*PORT-REJUVENATION FACIAL MASK/SCRUB ~ a mask that dries and then afterwards you scrub off to fully exfoliate and nourish skin from free radicals

*COSMETIC UNDER-WEAR anti-aging formula
~ our specially blended lotion to wear under make-up

*BB-LINE FREEDOM BALM ~heals and soothes irratated skin due to shaving either Bearded areas or Bikini areas

*AROMAZING LIPBALM ~ using Aromatherapy this lipbalm has a soothing and calming efffect to combat the FIGHT/FLIGHT hyper tensions stress can create

*FEDFEET LOTION ~ for tired aching feet this lotion hits the spot

*RESTLESS LEG SERUM ~to battle the aches and dull driving you crazy pains felt in your hips, thighs, legs, knees, calves, & ankles

*BATHSALTINES ~a revitalizing bath soaking salts recipe

*STEAM & SOAK TONIC ~ for steaming body/face, or soaking feet/hands


*SPRAY ECZEMA TONER ~will help heal and clear your eczema with the power of B-12. Guaranteed to LIBERATE YOUR LIFE!

 ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES= FRESH&MADE TO ORDER as we strongly believe preservatives stop the action 
of the ingredients from doing their full job.
~Custom prices and orders ARE AVAILABLE~
at the bottom of the page is a brief bio and links to learn more about AySes. <3